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Nonprofit Leadership Coaching

Cultivate collaborative and effective leadership to serve your mission.

Service Description

Drawing on my coaching techniques and non-profit leadership experience, I can help you lead in a way that lets you and your organization shine. From strategic planning support to delegation to avoiding burnout, let's work toward making your work and organization the most sustainable and impactful they can be. I can help with: Strategic planning, project management, delegation & leadership skills, communication, budgeting & financial management, team-building, avoiding and managing burnout, fundraising & development, public relations, volunteer relations, program development, navigating experiences of racism and/or sexism, board member training and board relations. Results: Increased confidence in your leadership skills, increased capacity & effectiveness, work-life balance and sustainability, harmonious organizational culture, progress toward leadership and organizational goals, get organized & systematic, increase productivity & efficiency, expand your organization and impact.

Contact Details

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