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About me and my coaching vision

I believe each client walks in with the means to achieve their goals.

Bringing a vision into reality from the raw materials of our lives takes time, space, and tools. With trusted techniques, strategies, and supportive space, I help you cultivate awareness, structure, and confidence. We identify roadblocks – internal or external – and work through them until your path is clear both inside and out. Sometimes making our most empowered choices takes a shift in perspective and someone in our corner. Together, let’s explore your field of possibilities and work with what we have to achieve the success you want.  
Chenda and Tali dog at SLOBG photographed by Zachary Scott Photography for SLO Life Magazine Dec2021-Jan2022 edition

In my coaching practice I combine proven coaching methods and industry knowledge with the wisdom of lived experience. I draw on decades of success navigating the joys and challenges of life and leadership. I am a single mother of four thriving young adults, a surfer, an artist, a Rotarian, a builder, an entrepreneur, and the former Executive Director of the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden.

I come from a family of refugees of the Cambodian Genocide, and as an adult I survived domestic abuse. I have survived a lot, but I am not just a survivor. I have dealt with difficult relationships, sexism, and racism with grace and persistence both at work and in my personal life. Having traveled extensively and lived in many places throughout the world and the United States, I know how to adapt to change and create stability for myself and others in the midst of uncertainty. From early academic success at Bates College in Maine, to establishing a family and thriving construction business as a newcomer to San Luis Obispo, to re-building my life and career after abuse and divorce, I have repeatedly found ways to create abundance with limited resources in challenging circumstances.

You can learn more about me and my work at the links below.

Certifications & Qualifications

  • CLCP & Master Certified Life Coach

  • Former Executive Director at SLO Botanical Garden

  • Entrepreneur and small business owner

  • Leadership SLO - San Luis Obispo Chamber Class 29

Find Me Elsewhere

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