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1:1 Coaching

Shape your life's big changes and move toward a happier, healthier, more fulfilled you.

Service Description

Are you entering into a new era of your life and feeling overwhelmed by big changes like a move, career change, or divorce? Do you have a vision for changing your life but the path forward is unclear? I can help you release outgrown attachments and fully harness the positive potential of life's transitional periods. In 1 hour sessions, I work with you to clarify your challenges & goals and develop a plan to make tangible progress. I provide tools, strategies, motivation, and the questions that will help you identify and overcome internal and external obstacles. I can help with: Life transitions, divorce, loss & grief, parenting, support for parents of LGBTQ &/or neurodivergent children, retirement, empty-nesting, identity exploration, goal setting, making a career change, re-building your life after crisis or abuse, dealing with racism/sexism, navigating a move, structuring independent or creative work-flow, making big life decisions, planning toward big goals or future changes. Results: Greater sense of inner peace, clarity, and security, clear plans and a path forward through a difficult situation or life change, tangible progress toward your goals, stronger sense of your individual power and will, revitalization of your excitement and passion for your life's realistic potentials, increased capacity to support & care for yourself and your loved ones, practical tools and strategies you can use to navigate future challenges.

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